40 Day Journey to Your Purpose

  • Do you have a burning passion to walk in your calling?

  • Do you need help discovering God’s purpose for your life?

  • Do you want to use your gifts and talents to win the lost?

  • Do you know what you are called to do, but need help taking the first steps?

  • Do you need someone to help you navigate the ropes of your calling?

  • Are you walking in your calling, but feel stuck or have hit a plateau?

  • Do you desire for a seasoned pastor and mentor to speak into your life?

  • Do you want someone to pour into you needed ministry wisdom?

  • Are you hungry to go to your next level?

  • Do you wanted to connect with other believers who are advancing the Kingdom?

The online class,“40 Day Journey to Your Purpose: Discover Your Calling, Purpose, and Destiny,” conducted in a Facebook group, will help you discover God’s purposes for your life. It will also give you insight into who I am and my ministry journey. Even if you have already discovered your calling, you will learn key insights and ministry wisdom that will help propel your purpose forward.

Included in my 40-Day online course, “40 Day Journey to Your Purpose: Discover Your Calling, Purpose, and Destiny:”

  • 40 days set apart to intentionally focus on discovering God’s call on your life

  • 40 days to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired regarding your call

  • Exclusive “40 Day Journey to Your Purpose” private Facebook group

  • Six (6) video teachings – one (1) 45-min. video will be posted each week in a private Facebook group for six weeks. Each video will help you work toward identifying your call, walk in your call, and impart wisdom on a variety of practical ministry issues

  • Facebook Live Q & A’s with Jamie Morgan in our private Facebook group where you can get your questions answered regarding your call and receive need ministry wisdom

  • Facebook Live interviews with other trailblazers who are setting the world ablaze for the Lord Jesus Christ 

  • No longer feel “alone” in your call

  • Be challenged to think bigger, believe bigger, and dream bigger than you ever have about building the Kingdom

  • Opportunity to run alongside likeminded Christians who are pursuing their call

  • Receive prayer for your call discovery and the steps to take to see it fulfilled

The next “40 Days to Your Purpose” mentoring course will be announced! Course is presently FILLED AND CLOSED. But please sign-up for email list to be notified when it reopens!

Tuition $79


Required book to purchase for the 40-days of online mentoring:

A Journey to Ministry: Discover Your Calling, Purpose, and Destiny by Jamie Morgan

You can purchase the book at Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

(It is strongly suggested you purchase the paperback version versus Kindle. Having the ability to write answers to the questions directly in this interactive book will prove highly beneficial).

Testimonies from Others I have Mentored…

“The mentoring advice was priceless, the gentle pushing to think and step out of my comfort zone – AMAZING!” - Donna B.

“Mentoring not only helped reveal my calling, but give me the steps to begin to walk in that calling and actually apply it.” – Jen C.

“Mentoring encouraged me to seek my calling more than ever!” – Matthew C.

“Mentoring has changed my life!” – Tanya E.

“Mentoring helped me discern my life’s ministry step-by-step.” – Delores J.

“Mentoring gave me direction. I knew that God had called me but did not know where to start. I am inspired!” – Lexi E.

“I have learned to step out and take action regarding my call. I have clearer vision and direction.” – Tori. E.

“Mentoring helped spark a fire in my heart, develop my mission statement, get started through innovative ideas, remain focused and prepared to finish what God has called me to do for Him.” – Megan H.

“I have taken the next step in ministry which I’m sure I would not have taken if it were not for this mentoring.” – JoAnn K.

“Without the encouragement I received through mentoring, I wouldn’t have made the decision to go full force into my calling as a writer.” – Laura M.

“This mentoring has connected me on a deeper level and given me an understanding that time is short and what I am called to cannot wait. It must be done now and involves dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.” – Betty P.

“This mentoring exceeded every expectation! The support you receive is amazing!” – Danyele R.

“Mentoring helped me to narrow down my calling so that I can be more effective. God used it to birth new callings and restore some callings I have forgotten.” – Ebenezer C.

“God has called me to write, but I have always made excuses. This course has taught me to put away my fears and trust God to fulfill His calling through me.” – Beth P.

“Mentoring helped streamline my mission. It helped to narrow the path and not be like a ball bouncing from one thing to the next.” – Pam P.

This class has pushed me forward in my calling. It has taught me to take steps I never thought were in my reach.” – Iris D.