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I want to be your mentor!

I have mentored Christians for twenty-five years. From early in my Christian walk, I realized that God had given me a gift to identify the callings in others and help them to walk in their destiny. When I became a pastor, that gift increased exponentially: pastors don’t just pastor their people, they also pastor their gifts. Helping people discover their calling, purpose, and destiny, and giving them practical skills to help them walk in what God has called them to do, is one of my mandates from God. Whether your calling is behind the front door of your home, behind the cubicle at work, or behind the pulpit - I want to be your mentor!

I mentor eternally-minded, trailblazer Christians in pursuit of their unique calling to set the world ablaze for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please notice the words “eternally-minded”…

Honestly, if your motivation for discovering your gifts is to use them for any other purpose than building the Kingdom of God, I am not the mentor for you. There are many other mentors and coaches that will be able to help you. My sole mentoring motivation is to thrust more laborers into God’s harvest field and help them sharpen their ministry skills to bear fruit that remains. More Christians walking in their calling = more souls won for Christ! Imagine, if every Christian effectively walked in their calling? How quickly we could win the entire world for the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

What is Christian Mentoring?

The best way that question can be answered is to compare counseling, coaching, and mentoring:

Counseling: looks at the past to heal your present (a great blessing and much needed, but not what I do).

Coaching: looks at the future to help you make and meet godly goals using motivation and accountability. Coaches usually don’t give advice. Their primary technique is to ask pointed questions to help you discover your own answers. (Coaching is highly beneficial, but not what I do – although I am a certified life coach, and will occasionally use this technique, I am a mentor, not a coach).

Mentoring: looks at the future to help you make and meet godly goals; mentors share wise counsel, encouragement, advice, knowledge, and stories from life experience. Mentors have been there and done that and can help their “mentees” navigate the ropes of life and ministry. Mentoring is a relationship between an experienced person and a less experienced person for the purpose of helping the one with less experience. Christian mentors are spiritual fathers or mothers who raise up spiritual sons and daughters. (This is what I do. I am a Christian mentor.)

To further illustrate the differences, let’s say that there is a spiritual ditch up ahead that needs to be avoided. This is how a counselor, coach, and mentor would each respond…

  • Counselor: “Let’s get you healed from past ditches to help you avoid ditches in your future.”

  • Coach: “You have stated that your goal is to avoid the ditch ahead. What are some other paths you can take which will help you circumvent the ditch?”

  • Mentor: “I see a ditch ahead that you can’t see. You need know it’s there because it will cause you great pain and will be a huge time waster. Let me tell you a story about a ditch I fell into and the lessons God taught me through that ordeal to help you sidestep the ditch which lies ahead.”

None of the above responses are wrong; they are all right. I believe God uses all three in various seasons of our lives. It is our job, however, to discern the season that God has us in and determine which approach would be advantageous. If you are in a season where mentorship would prove beneficial, I want to be your mentor.

How Do We Begin a Mentoring Relationship?

The starting point, or onramp, of my mentorship program is either one of my two online courses: “40 Day Journey to Your Purpose: Discover Your Calling, Purpose, and Destiny” or my “40 Day Message Prep Course.” These online courses, conducted in a private Facebook group, are the starting point of my mentorship program. They will also give you insight into who I am and my ministry journey. After completing one or both of these 6-week courses, we can discuss the possibilities of further mentorship options.