One of the mandates of Jamie Morgan Ministries is to call the Church back to the place of prayer. This includes:

  • Prayer Conferences (Intercessory Prayer, How to Hear the Voice of God in Prayer, Revival Prayer, The Power of Fasting, etc.)

  • Helping pastors turn their churches into houses of prayer

  • Assisting pastors in creating a culture of prayer in their churches

  • Raising up prayer rooms in churches and ministries

  • Developing strategies to reintroduce prayer as the lifeblood of the vision, mission, the Great Commission, and revival in churches and ministries.

  • Teaching on the power of onsite prayer and prayer walking your city

  • Raising up 24/7 prayer

  • Launching city-wide, regional, or national prayer initiatives

I serve on the Assemblies of God Prayer Committee, National Prayer Committee, and the Denominational Leaders Prayer Committee.

If you are a pastor or leader please “Contact” me if I can be of prayer assistance in any way.

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For those who want to learn how to pray God’s heart…

Three of the most important concentrations of prayer for the believer are intercession for the lost, the nations, and Israel. While there are many more things that need prayer, these three areas of focus are a good place to start because the lost, the nations, and Israel are the heart of God. And the way God deposits His heart for the lost, the nations, and Israel for His children is through prayer.

For new believers, this is a good way to get started praying the heart of God. For those mature in Christ, but whose passion for souls has waned, this will help rekindle the flame. Begin by asking God to give you a heart to pray for that which He loves.

Here are three prayer guides to help you get you started:

How to Pray for the Lost

  • Ask the Lord for their salvation

  • Command the spiritual blinders to be taken off of their eyes, the spiritual earplugs to be taken out of their ears, and the veil be removed from their mind so that they can see, hear. and understand the Truth

  • Ask God to prepare and soften their heart to be good ground to receive the Gospel

  • Pray that a conviction of sin to fall upon them

  • Pray that they would see their need to be saved from their sins

  • Ask God to send born-again Christians across their path, who will speak the Truth in love to them

  • Ask the Lord what demonic spirits are in operation in their lives and bind them in Jesus Name

  • Plead the blood of Jesus over them and claim them for the Kingdom of God

  • Ask God to give them a life-changing, general-shaking encounter with Him

How to Pray for the Nations

  • Ask God to give you His heart for the nations and a passion for souls

  • Ask God for the salvation of every nation of the world

  • Pray that the nations will see that Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life

  • Pray that a spirit of repentance would fall upon the nations and that they would repent and turn away from idols and false religions.

  • Pray that the unreached peoples of the earth will be reached with the gospel

  • Pray for God to send workers into His harvest field

  • Pray that kings and governments will submit to the Lordship of Jesus as the King of kings

  • Pray for God’s blessing upon all the nations

  • Pray for the revelation of God’s glory over the whole earth

  • Pray for the healing of nations

  • Pray for the strength and protections of the persecuted Church

  • Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the nations and the Church

  • Pray for a worldwide prayer awakening and revival

How to Pray for Israel

  • Pray for God to open Israel’s eyes to recognize her Messiah…Yeshua…Jesus

  • Pray for the salvation for all who live in the nation of Israel

  • Pray for strength and unity for the Christians who live in Israel

  • Pray for effective personal evangelism and discipleship methods

  • Pray for supernatural protection from Israel’s enemies

  • Pray for strength and protection for Israel’s military (IDF)

  • Pray that God would expose things that are hidden (tunnels, plans, attacks, etc.)

  • Pray for Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government for wisdom, strength, and divine strategies

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusale