re - viv - al - ist noun

Definition of revivalist

  1. one who hungers and thirsts for the God of revival

  2. one who grieves over the lukewarm state of the Church

  3. one who is willing to pay any price to contend for revival

  4. one who passionately prays for revival

  5. one who prepares the Church for an outpouring of the HolySpirit

  6. one who desires to bring reformation to the Church

  7. one who comes alongside leaders to help create a culture, in their church or ministry, that hungers and thirsts for revival

  8. one who encourages those in the throes of revival

  9. one who preaches or teaches about past moves of God to inspire faith for a fresh outpouring

  10. one who pastors or leads revival when God sends it

I AM A REVIVALIST - I say this boldly, unashamedly, and without reserve.

There are many pastors, leaders, and believers who sense the call to revivalist, but do not have the encouragement or support necessary to walk in the fullness of that call.

As a matter of fact, many are afraid to call themselves revivalists because of the wrong connotation it brings to some. Don’t be afraid! If God has called you to fan the flame of revival, own it. Say it out loud: I am a revivalist! Decree it for both God and the enemy to hear!

Did you know that Jonathon Edwards, leader of the First Great Awakening, belonged to a mastermind group of revivalists of sorts? Edwards and seven revivalists in the United States and Great Britain formed a letter-writing cohort to encourage one another, exchange revival information and methods, and share outcomes.

I find it interesting that today, hundreds of years after the First Great Awakening, revivalists still need to encourage one another because they receive little encouragement elsewhere. The enemy hates revival and brings massive amounts of discouragement to revivalists, to the point that revivalists are fearful to even call themselves revivalists!

I wrote my doctoral dissertation on revival because of God’s call on my life to fan the flame of revival! My dissertation title is: Revival Cry: Creating a Church Culture that Hungers and Thirsts for Revival. I have immersed myself in the study of biblical, historic, and contemporary revivals while obtaining both my Master’s and Doctorate degrees. I even conducted interviews with 22 revivalists - ministry leaders who have experienced revival in their church or ministry. Some of what I have learned is:

  • God’s people have cyclically needed reviving.

  • God has faithfully answered their revival cries.

  • God wants to send revival even more than we want revival.

  • The present day Church is in desperate need of revival (established churches, church plants, and church revitalizations - all three need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to see their church alive and thriving).

  • God’s people will not pray for something they do not grasp or perceive they need (Christians who do not realize they are physically sick will not ask God for healing - the same applies to being spiritually sick).

  • While most Christians recognize the term revival as a positive event, revival remains a mystery to many followers of Christ therefore lack a true understanding.

  • If believers do not grasp what fully alive Christians look like, they won’t realize how far the Church has fallen from God’s original intention.

  • Pastors have the responsibility to create a church culture where people hunger and thirst for revival, a task entrenched in prayer for revival.

  • Taking a congregation thorough a study of biblical, historic and contemporary revivals will accomplish the following: 1) illustrate what fully alive Christians look like, 2) show the church how far we have fallen from God’s original intention, 3) help the people of God understand the concept of revival, 4) create an expectancy for revival, 5) provide a fresh grace to pray for revival with renewed passion, and 5) prepare the pastor, when revival breaks forth, to effectively pastor revival…and so much more.

  • Final Analysis: a church that understands the concept of revival and sees the need for it will hunger and thirst for revival and pray for it.

Fan the Flame of Revival Conference

God has called me to:

  • Inspire faith for revival

  • Fan the flame of revival

  • Encourage revivalists

  • Pray for worldwide revival

  • Teach about biblical, historic, and contemporary revivals

  • Help pastors create a church culture that hungers and thirsts for the God of revival

Please contact me to schedule a “Fan the Flame of Revival” conference at your church or ministry!