Whether you mentor women on a zoom call or in your living room, on the telephone or at a coffee shop, in a church fellowship hall or on a retreat. . .God is calling you to mobilize women to take their place in the harvest field and walk in the fullness of their call.

-Amanda Hollinshead

"Dr. Jamie is 100% a Holy Spirit led mentor and teaches you to be the same. 90 days doesn't even touch the surface of the knowledge you can gain from her. I'm so glad she created this opportunity for me and so many others. It was a life changing experience and I know I have grown so much through this course."

  • You’re a Holy Spirit-filled woman in ministry.

  • You want to blaze trails for Jesus and make a huge Kingdom impact.

  • God has woven your story as you’ve traveled down the path of ministry.

  • Your story is comprised of lessons learned, mistakes made, pain suffered, miracles experienced, skills gained, and wisdom attained.

  • All that you’ve faced translates into principles, tools, and ministry experience that women called to the ministry desperately need.

  • These women are crying out to God for a mentor to help them navigate the ropes of ministry, speak into their ministry, answer ministry-related questions, gain greater ministry effectiveness, warfare in the Spirit with them, and provide much needed support through the highs and lows of ministry.

Here’s what I know about you…...

Can you hear their cries?

Will you be their Mentor?

-Sue Staeger

"If you desire acceleration in what the Lord is asking of you – without hesitation I recommend becoming a Trailblazer under the mentorship of Dr. Jamie Morgan. And if you desire to mentor other women, I would urge you, compel you, beg you, to apply for the next Trailblazer Certified Mentor School. You will be challenged beyond your wildest imagination and moved forward with love and solid biblical teaching. You will be so ecstatic that you did. "

Because here’s the reality:

Mentors for men in ministry are difficult to find. But for women in ministry…they’re scarce (really scarce). The need is desperate for mentors to women in ministry!

God is calling you to say YES  to  the call to becoming a mentor!!

Worship Leaders
Women’s Ministries Leaders
Pastor’s Wives
Addiction Recovery Ministers
Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministers
Prison Ministers
Street Preachers
Church Staff Leaders
Church Ministry Leaders
Para Church Ministry Leaders
Online Ministers
Marketplace Ministers

. . .and those who minister in any capacity to butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers (you get the point!) either inside or outside the four church walls.


  • I am Dr. Jamie Morgan.

  • I’m an ordained minister and have been in the trenches of ministry for three decades.

  • I’ve stood in the role of senior pastor, evangelist, teacher of the Word, revivalist, reformer, prophetic voice, conference speaker, podcaster, TV show host, author, and now as an apostolic leader of leaders.

  • Through every season of my ministry, I’ve been a mentor. It’s been my intense passion and the overarching theme of my ministry life.

  • I am the founder of Trailblazer Mentoring Network (TrailblazerMentoring.com), a mentoring movement for women in ministry.

  • I have my Master’s degree in Practical Theology and am a Doctor of Ministry.

Here’s a little about me…

Let me teach you how to become a Holy Spirit-filled mentor of excellence and launch your very own mentoring ministry!

A sampling of what you’ll learn in Trailblazer Certified Mentor School:

• What is Spirit-filled mentoring?

• The difference between mentoring, coaching, and counseling

• The Theology of Mentoring

• Mentoring Core Values

• The Initial Mentoring Session

• The Framework of a Typical Mentoring Session

• 1:1 Mentoring vs. Group Mentoring

• Group Mentoring Dynamics

• Common Areas of Protégé Struggle

• Developing Your Mentoring Ministry Pathway

• Tools Needed for Mentoring Competency

• Gently Shifting to Heavenly Perspective

• Asking Powerful Mentoring Questions

• Shattering Crippling Beliefs

• Overcoming Mentoring Fears

• Old Wineskin vs. New Wineskin Ministry Thinking

• The Art of Active Listening

• How to Encourage, Inspire, and Gracefully Challenge

• The Role of Intercession and Warfare in Mentoring

• Setting Healthy Mentoring Boundaries

• Mentoring Do’s and Don’ts

• Operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Mentoring

• Launching Your Own Mentoring Ministry


Community Learning:  

Here is what will be required:

Your entire cohort will gather in a Private Facebook Group. Each student is expected to actively participate. This is where you will ask questions, encourage one another, post the progress of your future mentoring ministry, and connect with Dr. Jamie. (This is the “class participation piece” to your certification…class participation is always the easiest part…but you have to participate to get credit for certification.)

Course Work Learning: 

Experiential Learning:  

A teaching module is released every week. Student will watch the videos in that module and take notes. At the end of each module is a short (very doable) quiz to ensure key concepts were absorbed. In addition, every week you’ll complete a “Next Steps” assignment toward launching your own mentoring ministry. 

To practice newly learned mentoring skills, each student will be assigned to a Triad. The three students that form the Triad will each take a turn mentoring, getting mentored, and providing constructive feedback via a written evaluation turned into Dr. Jamie Morgan. This will offer real-time experience in applying what you’ve learned. There will be a total of three (3) 30 min. peer-to-peer Zoom mentoring sessions, at a time conducive to all three students in the Triad. A satisfactory evaluation form (as determined by Dr. Jamie) for each student will be required to receive certification. 

Can you hear their cries?

Will you be their Mentor?

*seats are limited!*

Join the Waitlist for the Next Cohort Here!

FALL cohort begins September 2024

-Kathy Wahl Duffy

"Dr. Jamie Morgan’s Trailblazer Certified Mentoring School is simply the BEST! We received so much more than just ‘how-to's'. We received a divine impartation, grace and commissioning to launch out into our own mentoring ministry! I loved how each homework assignment strategically helped us take steps to launch our own mentoring ministries. I highly recommend this course to any woman called to the ministry. Because every woman in ministry has a calling to make disciples. The Trailblazer Certified Mentoring School will help make you effective in that holy calling."


This course is fully customizable and designed to fit your particular area of ministry specialization.

In addition to the above, you will receive this added support…

A 3-month free scholarship to Trailblazer Mentoring Network which will include:

  • Monthly Roundtable Group Mentoring

  • Access to my library of 30+ e-courses on a variety of spiritual and practical ministry topics

  • War Room Prayer Meeting

  • Heart Healing Group Prayer Session

  • An invitation to attend the annual Trailblazer Experience Retreat where you’ll be encouraged, inspired, and refreshed to continue pursuing God and His call on your life.

  • And the most important support of all…Daily Intercession

You’ll complete EVERYTHING you will need to graduate from Trailblazer Certified Mentor School plus…

  • A certification to help you stand out from every other mentor in excellence and time-tested skills infused with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

  • An up-close-and-personal look into the steps I took to launch my mentoring ministry.

  • A clear plan you can implement right away to launch your own mentoring ministry (either online or in-person).

  • Your mentoring niche solidified for maximum Kingdom impact.

  • The ability to mentor with confidence and clarity, never feeling ill-prepared or unequipped again.

  • The capability of training future mentors.


But most importantly…

You will have spent 90 days immersing yourself in disciple-making. . . the Great Commission.

By mentoring women called to the ministry you will be making disciples, who then make disciples.

Pause for a moment and imagine the explosive results of the multiplication of mentoring:

You mentor 12,
who then mentor 12 = 144

. . . who then mentor 12 = 1,728
. . . who then mentor 12 = 20,736
. . . who then mentor 12 = 248,832
. . . who then mentor 12 = 

Saying YES to becoming a spiritual mother to women called to ministry will have exponential impact on the Kingdom of God!

" Follow me, as I follow Christ "
                  - Paul

Intentionally and purposely reproducing the supernatural work of Jesus in you, is the very essence of discipleship!!!  



What is the time commitment to enroll?

The commitment level for Trailblazer Certified Mentor School will vary from student to student, but is approximately 2 – 3 hours per week. This is achievable for any schedule, but will require you to put the work in.

If I get certified, how do I share my credentials?

• You will receive a certificate in the mail
• You can use the Trailblazer Certified Mentor ribbon logo on your website, card, and social media
• You can list your certification on your resume
• You can verbally communicate that you are a Trailblazer Certified Mentor

Can I get a refund after enrolling?

No, it is non-refundable. Your spot was reserved, and others turned away. Please prayerfully consider your decision before enrolling.

I’m still considering it. Will another cohort be offered in the future?

Yes, that is the plan. But please keep in mind that the price might go up.

What is the application review process?

Once you submit your application, I will review it, and contact you within the next seven (7) business days. If your application is accepted, you’ll pay the tuition, and officially be enrolled as a student in Trailblazer Certified Mentor School!

Trailblazer Certified Mentor School…the gold standard for mentor certification and training.

*seats are limited!*

Join the Waitlist for the Next Cohort Here!

FALL cohort begins September 2024

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