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Explore the three main titles written by author Dr. Jamie Morgan. These include Her Calling: A Woman's Guide to Fullfilling Her God-Given Destiny, Thirsty: A 31-Day Devotional, and My Journey to Ministry: Discover Your Calling, Purpose, and Destiny.

Through Jamie Morgan’s journey to ministry you will discover yours. Jamie demonstrates that God will blast through any obstacle that gets in the way of answering God’s call on your life. Allow her story to inspire you to step out in faith to do whatever God leads. 

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Her Calling is a mentor in a book. Dr. Jamie Morgan uses her decades of experience and insightful leadership to inspire women to fulfill their God-given destinies. All women called to ministry will be blessed by the practical guidance and wisdom shared by Jamie Morgan. Regardless of what God has called you to do in your ministry, this book will become one of your most valuable resources.

Thirsty is an interactive prayer devotional that focuses on thirty-one vital aspects of your Christian walk. Each day you will embrace the fire of revival for one specific area of your relationship with Jesus and invite Him to bring it back to life. As you draw near to God everyday, during the 31-day journey, the All Consuming Fire will draw near to you, setting your heart on fire for Him. There is no time to waste! The time is now!

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